The Thing Itself

Redesigning an Art Exhibit, Spring 2020

The Thing Itself

I was asked to redesign a local gallery exhibit, creating a booklet, wall decals, a digital interactive guide, and directional signage for different exhibits.

I started this project during the mid-height of COVID, so going to any gallery to take pictures and then digitally redesign it was impossible, so everything had to be done with already existent images. I choose Terry Karson a featured local artist, who had just passed away, at the Yellowstone Art Museum because he was a Montana artist that didn’t conform to the norms of what is expected of Montana artists. He created works of art from collections of different objects sometimes trash, I connected with him on this level of obsessively collecting. I knew pretty fast how I wanted to design for his works and from there it was a very natural process.

Create outdoor promotional advertising, develop an interactive app, design a booklet, and directional signage.